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The Wireless Insider

To get the best deals in wireless plans and phones, you need some inside information.  That's what you get at the Wireless Back Door.  Look for alternatives to the major carriers and how to benefit from the new combinations of wireless companies.  
The Wi-Fi Insider

Wi-Fi is the Back Door connection for most of your wireless data.  It can use 2.4GHz, 5.6GHz or the new 6GHz Wi-Fi band.  And what about the alphabet soup of Wi-Fi connections from 802.1ac to n to xyz?  What's the difference, what can you use, and what should you use? The Wireless Back Door has the inside scoop on Wi-Fi and how you can maximize your connection to the Internet.

Most cellular carriers offer a discount to employees and members of certain companies, governments and organizations. Discounts can range from 5% to 25%, or FREE!.
You might be eligible!

Back Door Wireless:
Our Doorway to Wireless Deals

  • Employee Discounts on Wireless: You can get a hefty discount on cellular based on where you work.  We have the list of links and eligibility.

  • FREE Wireless Service: This is not a gimmick, there's more than one way to end up paying NOTHING (or almost nothing) for your wireless service!

  • LifeLine and LifeLink Plans: These are programs that provide FREE or discounted cellular service if you receive one of a large number of government-support services.

What We Do Behind the Wireless Back Door:
This is the place to get inside information about wireless the best wireless deals. Our mission is to find and share cellular information that is either not generally available elsewhere, or presented here in a way that makes it easier for you to use.