The Wireless Back Door
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Stop Paying Too Much for Wireless!
This is the Back Door way to get wireless from the major carriers for a whole lot less!

Find your lowest-price plan in 3 steps:

What you need in Wireless

1. How Much Talk, Text and Data Do You Need?

Almost all discount wireless plans offer Unlimited Talk & Text. When it comes to Data, most of us think “Unlimited” plans are the way to go, but how much Data do you really need? The average phone customer uses 5 to 8Gb of Data. Could some of it go through Wi-Fi? Your phone or your carrier can probably show you how much cellular Data you use each month. You can cut that in half if you turn on Wi-Fi on your phone. Knowing how much Data you need enables you to choose a cheaper plan that includes 'enough'.

▶ Low-Cost Plans with 5Gb or More Data

Wireless Networks

2. Choose a Network

Most of us live within the coverage of all 3 major networks so you should be able to skip this step. But if you know one of the major carriers works better where you live, work and travel, you can narrow your choices to plans that use one specific major wireless network, AT&T, T-Mobile or Verizon. Or you can get a Prepaid that uses all 3.

Reviews of Low-Cost Carriers

Look at the Plans

3. Choose a Plan

Now that you know how much Data you need and whose towers you want to use, you can start price shopping. Plans with Data start at $5. You can have a reasonably-priced plan with Unlimited Data, with a certain amount of “high speed” Data that slows to 2G speed if you use it up before the end of your billing cycle.

▶ Low-Cost Carriers and their Plans

More Great Ways to Slash Your Wireless Bill:

FREE Wireless
There are several methods to get Free, or almost Free, cellular service. Not just a FREE phone, you can get FREE monthly service! See how you can get your wireless for FREE, or at least for just a few bucks per month.

Join the Family

Join the "Family":
Carriers now offer competitive combinations of Calls, Texts, Data and Features that are split among members of a "family". The big benefit is how loosely you can define a family. You can join with a friend or colleague to share a plan, just make sure you agree how billing and overages will be handled.

Wireless Discount at Work
Your Employer, School or Organization Might Get You a Discount:
If you work for a large company, government agency or school, you probably qualify for a discount, as much as 25%. This may include phones for yourself and all your family. Check the Employee Discount Page or ask your personnel department (instead of the boss), sometimes the carrier will help you look. It may require a change of wireless companies. Also, using a company phone, or asking to be able to expense your phone could drop your cost to FREE.

Home Phone Alternatives

Switch Your Home Phone:
If you still have a wired home telephone, there are much cheaper alternatives!  You can drop it totally, replace it with a wireless box, switch to an internet-based phone, or connect your cell phone to a drop-in base that operates your existing home phones,
and save from 50 to 100%! Make sure that dropping your home phone line doesn't increase your costs as part of a bundle discount with cable TV or internet.

What We Do Behind the Wireless Back Door:
This is the place to get inside information about cutting your wireless bill. Our mission is to find and share cellular information that is either not generally available elsewhere, or presented in a way that makes it easier for you to use. Back Door secrets toward cheaper wireless include: switching to Prepaid, change your plan, join a "family", learn how to use Wi-Fi on your phone and more.